Sustainability & transparency

Great! You're here on this page because you care about the planet, and so do we. We believe the world doesn't need more sustainability claims, but we do need more transparency. So here goes. We're not zero waste or carbon-neutral, neither are you saving the planet by buying our products, but we are considering our impact on the environment and want to be as green as possible. Below we've outlined how we're doing well, and which steps we have yet to take.


We're dedicated to ship plastic-free, always, in cardboard boxes. 


We only use paper tape and filling. We're turning the cardboard we receive ourselves into filling material using our cardboard perforator machine, and we often pick up more used boxes to process from a hardware store 1 km away. In the rare exception there is plastic filling in your package, it is re-used.


Our thank you cards are printed on recycled paper and feature an artwork on the front so it doubles as an A5 print to display at home! We've omitted the packing slips.

Product packaging


Our products are bottled in protective amber glass (made in Europe).


Unfortunately we didn't find an alternative for our plastic closures yet, as they need to be leak-proof and have a child-lock.


Although we prefer paper labels and all new labels will be made of paper, we still have some plastic labels left that we'll continue to use until we're out. 

Extra packaging

We've decided to leave our individual products unboxed to save on additional cardboard packaging. Sets are packed in partly-recycled cardboard boxes that are custom-made by a local small packaging company. Our gift boxes are also made from cardboard and paper materials.


We don't have a refill option, but we hope to facilitate this in the future!


At a time where most home and care products out there are full of chemicals; we believe this is where Marzou shines!


Our diffuser blends, skincare oils and home sprays only consist of 100% natural and biodegradable ingredients. No harmful synthetics and chemicals that could end up in our waters or other ecosystems.


We source the vast majority of our ingredients organically: this means they pass the European standards for organic farming, for example in regards to pesticides. Moreover, each ingredient has a certificate of analysis for its chemical composition and potential contaminants. Whether an ingredient is certified organic is always stated on the product page and label. 


Global sourcing

As exclusively sourcing locally limits our product development too much, we've decided to source ingredients globally.

Natural sourcing

It is important to consider that as our products are all-natural, for all its benefits, it means we take from nature. Soon we'll announce how we can put part of our revenue back in nature conservation and reforestation. Which unfortunately doesn't mean we're climate-neutral (yet).

Endangered species

We don't use oils from endangered flora (such as Sandalwood) unless we receive positive feedback from our supplier. For example, our Cedarwood oil is obtained from sawdust of dead wood, authorised by the forestry authorities.


We never use animal products and our ingredients and formulations are never tested on animals.


Batches & collections

Our products are designed, formulated and filled in-house, in small batches. Products and collections are fixed rather than seasonal. Products are also packaged and shipped from Marzou's studio in the Netherlands. In our humble beginnings brought to the post office by bike, now by (non-electric unfortunately) car.


We're banking with one of the most sustainable ones in the world: Triodos!