About Marzou

At Marzou you're sure to find all-natural, plant-powered products you'll love for your body, mind and home. 


Nature is our muse

Nature has a way of supporting our health: from the renewing feeling of forest air and the relaxing properties of chamomile, to the joy of discovering an exquisite scent. Plants sustain us. Nourish us inside and out. Heal us. Amaze us. Let's surround ourselves with plant power!

Feel good, naturally

Inspiration from nature, 100% natural and clean ingredients, ancient wisdom and the latest research come together into products full of plant power. We create with purpose and passion, whether it's soothing skin oils or botanical scents that evoke a mood, a journey, a (re)connection to nature. Encouraging to take a step back and enjoy the moment, as an antidote to hurry and stress.

A green environment for all

Your health is one reason Marzou products are free from harmful chemicals. The other one is that we don't want them to end up in nature. We consider our impact on the planet each step of the way: from biodegradability to plastic-free shipping. However, we don't think the world needs more sustainability claims. We do need more transparency. You can find more about what we do well and what we should do better on our Transparency page.

Our story

Marzou was established in 2021 by Mahdi and Sabine, ignited by their own journey towards (re)discovering a more natural lifestyle and wanting to help create a future where botanical, healthy products are the go-to choice. The name Marzou comes from the Afghan word Arzou, meaning 'wish' and 'hope'. As a kid, Mahdi grew up high in the mountains, in close connection to nature.

Our products are formulated, hand-filled and shipped from Marzou's studio in the Netherlands.

Plant-based & natural

Marzou is all about quality ingredients that are 100% natural, vegan, never tested on animals, safe and organically sourced when possible. Our products are free from synthetics and harmful chemicals.

customer happiness

Minimalistically-designed products created to inspire, relax and nourish, with your wellbeing as a priority. A product that doesn't work for you? We're happy to exchange it for something you'll love.

Transparency & sustainability

Ingredients are always clearly listed on each product page. We’re not perfect in sustainability (yet), but we are transparent. Find out more on our transparency page.