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it's time to unwind

Formulated with stress-reducing lavender, balancing ylang ylang and sunny orange: the Stress Release Spray brings you relaxation and playfulness!

stress release spray


Marzou is all about quality ingredients that are 100% natural, vegan, never tested on animals, safe and organically sourced when possible. Our products are free from synthetics and harmful chemicals.


Minimalistically-designed products created to inspire, relax and nourish, with your wellbeing as a priority. A product that doesn't work for you? We're happy to exchange it for something you'll love.


Ingredients are always clearly listed on each product page. We’re not perfect in sustainability (yet), but we are transparent. Find out more on our transparency page

The magical fragrance of nature

Yes to beautiful, botanical scents that evoke a mood, a journey, a (re)connection to nature. Encouraging you to take a step back and enjoy the moment, as an antidote to hurry and stress.

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Naturally scented + non-toxic

Esse refers to existence and the essential nature of things. A fresh scent with herbal lavender, sage and eucalyptus to invite reflection and clarity. 

esse botanical candle

Let's get stuff done!

Whether you have a daunting work deadline or an exam to study for: our refreshing Focus blend is there for you when you need to get the energy flowing, without the stress.

More concentration + motivation