Medical disclaimer

Even though our ingredients are pure and natural, some of them are highly concentrated: for example, 10 ml lavender oil contains the extract of roughly 1 kg of its flowering tops. This means it’s important to use them in the right way and mind allergens in order to get all the plant-powered benefits of our products while ensuring safety.

Using our products safely

- Never use our products internally or in the eyes. If accidentally swallowed, seek medical care.

- Our organic skincare oils are meant for use on the skin. Our room sprays and diffuser blends are not. You could potentially use our diffuser blends topically, but strongly diluted in a carrier oil and if you’ve checked the maximum dilution for each of the ingredients. Also be mindful of citrus oils on the skin: do not sun tan for up to 3 days. 

- Some of our ingredients contain natural allergens such as limonene, linalool, geraniol, eugenol, citral, benzyl alcohol, farnesol and citronellol. If you have an allergy, please let us know beforehand so we can let you know which of our products are free of those allergens.

 - If an allergic reaction occurs, stop using the product.  

 - Often, less is more. Be careful using strong scents around young children, when pregnant or breastfeeding and when under medical treatment or using chronic medication. Moreover, in these cases, it’s advised to consult your doctor or other medical professional before using our room sprays or diffuser blends. 

 - Store products dry, cool, dark and out of reach from children and pets. Keep products away from fire.

Medical disclaimer

The content on the Marzou website and social media channels is meant to inform about the botanical ingredients of, the possible applications of, and physical and mental support of our plant-based products. The information is explicitly not intended as medical advice, treatment or self diagnosis, and is not a substitute for professional medical care. In case of illness or worries about one’s health, be sure to consult your doctor or other health care professional.  

It’s important to read the safety instructions above and ingredients on the label before using our products. Marzou is not responsible for incorrect use of our products and information.