Private label solution for natural wellness products

Do you want to create your own (scented) product with your own branding? We have our private label solution for you, taking care of the process from A to Z.

We offer a wide range of natural products that are perfect for private label branding. Our products include essential oil blends, botanical roll-ons, naturally scented candles, room sprays, gift boxes and many more. We understand the importance of quality and purity when it comes to natural products, and that's why we only use the finest ingredients in all of our formulations.

We are flexible in formulation, packaging, size and quantity. Are you looking for something a little different? Just get in touch ( and most likely we can help you out!

Natural products

Something smells good in here! We combine care, creativity, ancient wisdom, (scientific) literature, expertise and quality ingredients to create natural products people love for their nose, body, mind and home.

A therapeutic, calming essential oil blend for your clients. A coffee-scented candle to sell in your concept store. A Christmas gift box for your employees. A custom scent for your yoga studio. The possibilities are endless.

Quality ingredients

Our products are made with the highest quality botanical ingredients, ensuring your customers get the best experience. We work with essential and fatty oils, waxes, floral waters and other plant extracts.

Our ingredients are:
- 100% natural
- vegan + never tested on animals
- biodegradable
- nourishing and therapeutic
- tested for molecular composition
- certified organic when preferred

Product possibilities

Diffuser blends

Our diffuser blends are carefully formulated using the best (organic) essential oils to create powerful blends that calm, refresh or inspire.


Our roll-ons are easy to use and perfect for on-the-go relief. We offer a variety of roll-ons, including headache relief, sleep improvement and more.

Room & linen sprays

Our room sprays are a great way to freshen up any space, naturally. Scents range from a rose garden to a forest after the rain.


Our candles are made using all-natural ingredients, such as rapeseed wax and essential oils, creating a warm and inviting ambiance in any room.

Skincare oils

Cold-pressed, pure and organic quality oils that nourish and hydrate skin, hair and nails in the most natural of ways.


We also offer other natural products such as liquid soap and reed diffusers. Any other ideas? Just get in touch!

Customizable packaging & gift sets

Our standard packaging consists of protective amber glass, labels and closures sourced from within Europe. However, we provide many more options: from perfume bottles to handmade ceramics.

We can create (gift) sets according to your style and wishes.

The process of creating your own line of natural products

1. Let's talk!
What are your ideas, needs and wishes?

2. Development
You can choose from our existing range, or we create a custom product specially for you. Of course, we'll provide a sample for your feedback.

3. Label design
Using your logo and/or design for the labels.

4. End result
We take care of filling, printing, packaging and (optionally) product photography. You'll receive your product ready-to-go!

Quantity & pricing

The minimum order quantity is 10 pieces, making it easy for you to get started with your private label line. We offer a discount for bigger volumes. As the price depends on the product type, size, formulation and ingredients; get in touch with us to receive a price indication.

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